Christina B. Chan

Featured Work.

These case studies were chosen for their breadth and depth as I like applying design thinking to a variety of problems.

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Designing the Future of Village Savings Group in Africa

An app aimed to empower women in village savings group to achieve their financial goals and build a better future.

Case Study (coming soon)



Designing an Investment Platform to Help Startups Fundraise Online

A tech-enabled investment bank focused on equity crowdfunding and deal execution tools for early stage startups. Acquired by Boustead & Company in 2017.

Case Study (coming soon)

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Creating Tools to Jumpstart Musicians' Careers

A suite of tools to discover and grow new artist.

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A New Way to Capture Moments

An app that finds amazing highlights in videos using a best in class computer processing technology. Featured on Apple's Best New Apps in over 100 countries. Acquired by Hulu in 2015.

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I specialize in product design and strategy.

I help organizations understand consumer behavior, design products, and align teams around a shared purpose.

What does this mean?

I help answer the following questions:

  • What problems are we trying to solve for THE consumer?

  • What are the user’s goals and points points?

  • What is broken for the user and how do we improve the experience?

  • Why is it important that we build a particular feature?

  • What are the business goals and metrics of success if certain features were released(user growth, increase customer lifetime, value, etc.)?

What can you hire me for? Here’s a breakdown of my skill set.

Product Design

I’ve been a designer for 10+ years. I started my design career as a user experience designer and developed visual skills when I started working for startups. I can look at design from a micro and macro view, which means I look at the details and the bigger picture of an idea from conception to execution.

Design Team and Process

I've managed design teams and established design workflows and process within organizations.

Conduct User and Consumer Research

I run research sessions such as user testing, user interviews, focus groups, and surveys to help organizations understand their consumers.

Define Product Roadmaps

I work closely with stakeholders and technology teams to plan and prioritize high-level product features ensuring alignment with business goals.


I optimize product funnels by identifying opportunities for conversion and retention by analyzing funnels product funnels.


What did I work on before?

Previously, I led the design team at FlashFunders, a tech-enabled investment bank, and Vhoto, an app that finds highlights in your video using computer processing technology which was featured on Apple's Best New Apps in over 100 countries. I led the mobile design experience at Activision's Call of Duty, leading their mobile design efforts which amassed over 20 million player accounts. I consulted for brands such as Sony, Microsoft, Ticketmaster/Live Nation.


What am I working on right now?

Right now I’m working on a social impact fin-tech app that aims to break the cycle of poverty for the women in Africa. I’m also exploring the world of VR as well!


What am I looking for next?

I’m a humanist and a futurist! Got a mission? I love future tech and social impact projects. I want to work creating viable solutions for real-world problems. I thrive in environments that challenge me and appreciate companies that leverage my range of skill sets.


Speaking + Teaching.

I have been and continue to teach and speak at various events because I believe in the pay it forward model. Share knowledge and mentor whenever possible.